Mrs Carolyn Cox (Acting Chair)                                                   

    Mrs Shelley James (Treasurer)

    Mr Colin Richardson

    Mr Jim Clarke                                                                               

    Mrs Pat Hayter                                                                                                                                                 

    Mrs Margaret Hammond                                                              

    Mrs Bobbie Perrin                                                                       

    Mrs Denise Potter                                                                        

    Mrs Helen Lawes - (Matron) - ex officio                                       

    Ms Dee Falding (Matron's Representative) - ex officio                 

    Mrs Elizabeth Heath (Secretary)                                                 

There will be a committee meeting on the first Tuesday (@ 2.00 p.m.) of each month with the exception of May, August and December. 




We held our annual garden party at St Denis Lodge on Saturday 23rd June.  It was a wonderfully sunny day and the event was well attended and a great success.  Here are some pictures to give you a sense of the atmosphere.  As always we are so grateful to Beverley Martin for sharing this beautiful garden with us for the afternoon.




Contact for the Friends:, Tel: 01747 824508 or through reception at the Westminster Memorial Hospital, Shaftesbury.

League of Friends of Westminster Memorial Hospital Shaftesbury (Reg Charity No: 281419)